Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification

Teacher certification opens up a wide variety of career options both locally and worldwide. It means the difference between a teaching job as a tutor or an assistant and the skills and knowledge that defines a professional teacher.

Refers to the mental actions or processes that lead to acquisition of knowledge, experience through senses and understanding through thoughts.
Refers to the processes that lead to the judgment of the knowledge, understanding, skills and levels of application of a set of concepts, practiced using specific tools.
Refers to the methods of imparting knowledge and skills in the educational environment, which includes processes, strategies and, interactions.
Contemporary Skills refers to the skills that need to be acquired by teachers in their professional environment, in the areas of knowledge and pedagogy.


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a. Teachers and educators become differentiators in quality teaching platforms

b. They gain a certificate from GFTTE reflecting their profile of learning growth

c. Rewards for exemplary performances in these examinations

d. Their ability to project a different brand of energized learning faculty

Any teacher/educator/principal above 18 years of age can attempt the examinations.

The examinations are applicable to both aspiring teachers and retired teachers.

The teacher/educator/principal taking the examinations should be above 18 years of age.

Yes. The participant teachers/educators/principals can apply for more than one examination.

No. All the participating teachers/educators/principals need to clear Level 1 of the examination of one category, to qualify for the Level 2 of the same category.

Yes. The examinations for all the categories will be conducted online on the dates scheduled by GFFTE.

No. There is no negative marking for any of the questions in the examinations.

The examination will be for 90 minutes (1 ½ hours) during which all the participating teachers/educators/principals should answer the 100 questions. After the completion of 90 minutes, the examination will end automatically.

All the questions in the examination are going to be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

A participating teacher/educator/principal will be certified as a Gold Level performer, Silver Level performer or a Bronze Level performer.

Gold – 81% and above

Silver – 66% – 80%

Bronze – 50% - 65%

All the participating teachers/educators/principals with a score below 50% will get a participation certificate.

For a participating teacher/educator/principal to qualify for Level 2 of a particular topic of the examination, the teacher/educator/principal needs to score at least a Bronze Level (50% and above).