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About Assessment Certification

Assessment refers to the processes that lead to the judgment of knowledge, understanding, skills and levels of application of a set of concepts and, practices using specific tools contextual to the area or subject of assessment. It is largely applied as an objective mode of benchmarking the learning profile of a learner on certain prescribed norms. It could also be applied and used as a tool to the above purpose with variations in style to examine the higher levels of knowledge, thought architectures, creative and critical thinking, and also in different contexts to meet some defined objectives.

Any teacher/educator/principal above the age of 18 is eligible to take the examination. The examination is also open to aspiring teachers, retired teachers and school leaders.


The Rules and Regulations are applicable to all the participants of GFFTE. Please read the following before commencing the examination.

To participate/To get certified

  1. To get certified through our examinations, you will have to be above 18 years of age.
  2. To get certified through our examinations, you can be an aspiring teacher, a working teacher, an educator, a retired teacher or a school leader.
  3. The certification is applicable to teachers of all boards.

Before the exam

  1. During registration, make sure you provide all the required fields for communication.
  2. Make sure you provide a valid phone number and email ID during registration. Please make sure the phone number and email ID are functional and in use.
  3. The same details provided by you during registration will be used to communicate the dates of examination, examination updates, results and other notifications.
  4. All the details provided by you during registration will be used for the issue of certificates too.
  5. The details of the examination, such as exam dates, updates, results and notifications will be communicated only via the notification page on the website, SMS and email.
  6. The examination fee is non-refundable. Even in the event that a particular candidate is unable to participate in the examination for any reason, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  7. The dates of the examination, rules and regulations, timings, etc., will be announced on the website and through the registered mobile number and email ID.

During the Examination

  1. On the day of the examination, the registered participant can start the test anytime between 9.30 AM and 6 PM IST.
  2. The examination, once started, cannot be postponed, paused or changed to a later time or date.
  3. Once the examination begins, it has to be completed in one sitting, within the given 90 minutes.
  4. All the questions will be in the English language only. Translation in other regional languages will NOT be available.
  5. The participant should make sure that there is uninterrupted internet connection during the examination.
  6. The participant should make sure that the laptop/phone is working before the examination begins.
  7. The participant should make sure that laptop/phone is fully charged or connected to a power source to avoid interruptions.
  8. If the participant is taking the examination on the mobile phone, he/she should make sure that the examination is not interrupted by calls.
  9. The participant should make sure that there is sufficient data/mobile data on the Laptop/Mobile phone before commencing the examination.
  10. GFFTE will not be responsible if the examination is interrupted due to power issues or data problems.
  11. A re-examination will not be scheduled if the participant has data or connectivity problems during the examination.
  12. The examination in each content bucket will have 100 questions each.
  13. All of them will be multiple choice questions, with 4 options each.
  14. Each of the question needs to be attempted before going to the next one.
  15. The participant has to select one of the four options provided for each question, before proceeding to the next question.
  16. The next question will not appear on screen, until the ‘NEXT’ button is pressed/clicked.
  17. There is no negative marking.
  18. The examination is for one and a half hours (90 minutes). The timer will start once you open the link.
  19. The timer cannot be paused in between the examination.
  20. The timer will stop and the examination will end immediately after the completion of 90 minutes.
  21. There is no fixed timing for each question. But, all the 100 questions will have to be answered/attempted before the completion of 90 minutes.

After the examination

  1. Please check the website/SMS/email frequently for updates and notification.


  1. The Examinee will receive certificates in 3 levels
  1. Gold (81% and above)
  2. Silver (66 – 80%)
  3. Bronze (50 – 65%)
  4. Participation Certificate (50% and below)
  1. All the participants taking part in the Examination will get participation certificates.
  2. To take the Level 2 of the examinations, the examinee will have to get a Bronze certificate in Level 1.
  3. Similarly, to take the Level 3 of the examination, the examinee will have to get a Silver certificate in Level 2.

Will be announced shortly

The teachers will get a certificate from GFFTE based on their performance. Gold – 81% and above Silver – 66% – 80% Bronze – 50% - 65% All the participant teacher/educator/principal with a score below 50% will get a participation certificate.