About Us

Global Forum For Teacher Excellence (GFFTE) is a social initiative to recognise educators and teachers across the world. Our objective is to create a powerful self-assessment platform to help create global benchmarks and certify teachers.

GFTTE is a platform wherein teachers can grow with global trends through a process of self-improvement of skills aided by an articulated curriculum.

We at GFTTE, will certify teachers in skills which can help them meet professional challenges and grow their learning curve in pursuit of excellence.

Our initiative is focussing only on teachers and educators who find an ever-increasing need for staying relevant, competent and confident in the midst of emerging challengers.

GFFTE examinations will be conducted in three different stages to empower the participants on a continuous basis.

The Objective

•             Empowerment through professional excellence

•             To be relevant to current and futuristic professional needs

•             To enhance opportunities for professional growth and employability

Our examinations are largely based on reflections of the current and futuristic skills for teachers. Our tests relate to examining thought architectures that are generally non-routine, focussed on problem-solving, critical thinking and creative designs.

The examinations will also include the depth of understanding of the knowledge domains of teachers, through consideration of issues, case studies and the like – to position the teacher’s ability to cope with newer learning skills.

Our questions examine both non-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches to teaching.